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I teach Karuna Yoga & Power Dynamic Yoga  in class, on a one-to-one basis 

and as a certified yoga teacher training course 

Karuna Yoga emphasises the therapeutic aspects of postures. With detailed alignment cues, breathing exercises and meditation.

Power Dynamic Yoga is a strong athletic practice designed to develop your Core Strength, Balance, Fitness and Flexibility 

Dawn Smith Yoga Croydon

Power Dynamic Yoga 

February 14, 2018

POWER DYNAMIC YOGA is based on and inspired by the many Hatha Vinyasa styles of yoga which means that postures are creatively linked together and practiced in a sequence which is themed around:

- Sun Salutations

- The current seasonal needs

- Anatomical awareness

- Multi-Level exploration

- Peak Pose development

Power Dynamic Yoga is a strong athletic practice that creates strong flexible bodies. Expect to work hard with good alignment, determination and a powerful internal focus.

Power Dynamic Yoga classes are 60 minutes and start with a short warm up sequence followed by progressively challenging rounds. 

The final section of the class varies to include a seated or back-bend sequence, a core-work or inversion practice depending on the needs and ability of those present. 

To integrate your efforts, the classes end with a wind-down and final Savasana/Relaxation.

All classes are taught at a slow and steady pace with pauses for demonstrations and clarification of technique to ensure that you get the best results from your practice.

You will always be progressing as you build on previous themes and integrate new and interesting techniques that help you to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of the practice.

Dawn Smith Yoga Croydon

Karuna Yoga

March 15, 2018

KARUNA YOGA is based on and inspired by the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar. This means that classes are taught with a deep emphasis on postural alignment and progressive refinement.

Karuna Yoga is the foundation that gives you the deep understanding of asana (yoga postures) and while there is no set sequence in a Karuna Yoga class there is an intelligence to the order in which the poses are practiced.

The classes are themed around a specific group of poses, an area of the body or an aspect of the practice.  

Similar to Iyengars' Yoga, all levels practice together which means that you get to learn how to use yoga equipment called 'props' such as bricks, blocks, belts and back-archers which help you to modify certain poses or explore the next level options. 

Expect modifications, variations, progressions and hands-on adjustments that will help you to either work around an injury or limitation, experience a different perspective of the posture or progress towards the next logical expression of a posture for those who want to take things a little further.

The classes end with a few minutes of winding-down and a final Relaxation/Savasana depending on the time of year and theme of the class there may also be Breathing Exercises / Pranayama and Meditation 

As in an Iyengar Yoga class we also hold the poses so that you have time to adjust your alignment and deepen your experience of the pose. 

You will build strength, develop stamina, increase your flexibility and improve your balance and body awareness.

Improve Your Health with Yoga

Yoga, deep breathing, relaxation and meditation are processes that give us access to the emotional resources that lay buried under the busyness of life - kindness, patience and understanding. 

The more readily we can access our inner resources the easier it will be to navigate the ebbs and flows of daily life.

Practicing yoga is not just about being good at yoga it’s about taking care of yourself. 

The results are incremental, the benefits cumulative. A little bit goes a long way.

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and to

endure what cannot be cured.” – B.K.S Iyengar

Dawn Smith Yoga Croydon

Yoga helps you emotionally by:

January 15, 2018

+ Giving you inner strength

+ Helping you to sleep better

+ Giving you a deep sense of peace and calm

+ Developing your self awareness

+ Encouraging self-care

Dawn Smith Yoga Croydon

Yoga helps you on the inside by:

February 14, 2018

+ Strengthening your bones

+ Improving your coordination

+ Regulating your adrenal glands to reduce stress

+ Improving your concentration

+ Balancing your nervous system

+ Improving your breathing

Dawn Smith Yoga Croydon

Yoga helps you on the outside by:

March 15, 2018

+ Reducing muscular tension

+ Improving your posture

+ Improving your flexibility

+ Strengthening your legs, your back and your abdominal muscles

+ Improving your balance

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