What our customers are saying

"Dawn has a friendly, calm, patient and relaxed manner which 

puts everyone at ease. At the end of the session I feel like I've had 

a complete mind, body and soul workout. It's fabulous! 

My flexibility and core strength have improved greatly and 

I always look forward to my next class"

Jo Chugh - Nuffiled Health & Fitness, Croydon


"Dawn's teaching style is purposeful. She moves the group along at a comfortable pace, aware at all times of how each individual is coping. 

 She breaks each form down clearly and 

offers viable alternatives for different abilities" 

Connie - Nuffield Health & Fitness, Croydon

What our customers are saying

Dawn's teaching is always well prepared and of the highest standard. 

The classes vary from week to week and she tells you the parts of the body that a particular pose will help.

Dawn makes yoga fun and such an enjoyable experience. 

Her knowledge and the care she shows to everyone 

make her a world class teacher.

I do not know what I would do without her as she has helped not only 

my body but my mind as well. 

We are so very lucky to have Dawn as our teacher.

Malcolm - Royal Russell School

What our customers are saying

Three years ago, I was in need of an antidote for stress and a means of improving my physical fitness.  Dawn came highly recommended and 

has never failed to live up to expectations.

Her teaching incorporates an innate sensitivity and awareness of both our spiritual and physical needs, resulting in a complete sense of well-being.

She possesses an insurmountable knowledge of the effects of yoga on the physical body, and her gentle prompts and explanations have enabled me to improve my own yoga practice with more understanding.

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have Dawn as my yoga teacher.

Karen - Royal Russell School

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