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Reiki Level One - Self Healing 

Shoden - First Teachings

Traditionally Reiki training is received in three main steps or levels called 'Degrees'

You progress from one degree to the next at your own pace according to your own personal developmental needs.

The First Degree, Reiki Level One is the first step on a life-changing journey of discovery, expansion and spiritual growth. 

Awareness of and practice with Reiki Energy will gently clear your emotional blockages and raise your vibration; releasing you from the constraints of limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Upon completion of the initial 2-day course you will be able to give yourself a full Reiki treatment which is recommended daily for 

21 consecutive days to strengthen your connection to Reiki Energy and is a pre-requisite for progressing to Reiki Level Two

From the day of your first attunement your access to the flow of Reiki will be automatic and unlimited. 

Reiki will respond to your intention and focus. 

The more regularly you do your Self-Healing and Meditation Practices, the more present you will become, the more potent the energy you will be able to absorb and flow towards anyone and anything you care about. 

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January 15, 2018

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Dawn Smith Reiki Croydon

Reiki Shares

February 14, 2018

Giving & Receiving Reiki are arranged for ongoing personal development.

Dawn Smith Reiki Croydon

Reiki Level One - 2 days - £225

March 15, 2018

  • Introductions and Opening Meditation
  • A Brief History of Reiki and its Principles
  • Introduction to your energy systems
  • Guided Reiki Experiences
  • Energy Exercises, Meditations and Techniques to strengthen your connection to Reiki
  • Attunements and Placements for raising the energy of your upper chakras so that you can consciously flow Reiki Energy
  • Hand Placements for Self-Healing and treating others.
  • Practice giving Reiki one-to-one
  • Discuss the ethics and practicalities of giving Reiki Treatments.
  • Guidance on your 21 day self-healing practice
  • Guidance for completing your Case Studies if you are training for professional certification
  • Q&A, Discussion & Feedback
  • Group Reiki Share
  • Closing Meditation
  • Reiki Level One Certificate.

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